About Me

I'm a student in the Class of '22 at Texas A&M University studying statistics and pursuing a Master of Science in Finance degree, Class of '23. My aspiration for a career in finance is fueled by passions for informed decision making, responsible risk taking, and fostering crucial, constructive connections. I've learned that you cannot plan to have a successful career, but you can prepare for opportunities and accept them fiercely when they are presented to you. Part of my preparation is through this blog. I will be investigating all sides of sociopolitical and economic issues to build insight into the world and its intricacies. I hope that developing such a perspective — one of awareness and broadmindedness — will enhance my ability to analyze, empathize, and communicate, and I invite you to join me on my venture.

Aside from researching and writing for this page, I love starting my day with a peaceful walk, reading narrative non-fiction with fresh espresso (or tea) — two of my must-reads are Factfulness by Hans Rosling and The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates — playing contemporary piano, and cooking and baking creative recipes, especially to share. I grew up in Calgary, AB, Canada until I was 16, when I moved to College Station, TX to finish high school living with my sister while she attended Texas A&M. I've been fortunate to have many international and independent experiences and hope to continue stepping out and exploring the world.